May 4th, 2014  CPCA  Board of Directors meeting @ 9:30 am. at the Bland Residence

Garry Gray called the meeting to order.

Members present: Garry Gray, Mike Lelek, Ted Hart, Jim Bland, Paul Roggeman, Norma Grace Scott

Members absent: Gerry Power, Kevin Hughes, Ted Wood, Bonnie Semeschuk,

Garry moved the March 23 minutes be adopted.   Seconded by Paul Roggeman     Approved

Treasures Report and invoicing procedure – Report by Norma Grace for Bonnie

Bonnie has a current email list for the Columere Park Community members and will be invoicing each  property in early May.  We have rec’d two 2013 memberships that had not been collected last year, and a third is ‘in the mail’.  Bonnie will be invoicing and I will be doing the deposits and send the Treasurer a copy of each cheque and deposit slip (as was the practice in previous years).  The 2013-4 year end is April 30.  The books have been balanced to March 31 and a financial statement will be sent to board members at the completion of the year end.  Bonnie and Garry are arranging for a financial review committee, of qualified community members, to give one additional level of transparency to the financial records.


Constitutional Bylaw Changes-Norma Grace

There have been unofficial changes made to the constitution in the past.  If we want to make these changes official, they must be presented to the membership a minimum of 14 days prior to the AGM.  A vote would be taken, regarding the proposed changes at the AGM.

 The changes are 1.) Article VII     Fiscal Year …..  was changed from Aug. 31st to April 30th

                               2.) Article III    Officers  

                                         3.1 was changed by a board decision to read “voting members shall elect a president from the elected directors with a minimum of one year experience of service on the board” rather than “from among the members”.

                             3.) Article II    Directors

                                         3.1   In May 2013 there was a proposed revision to limit the Presidency to a term of 4 years.  Due to an error in the printing of the brochure, it was not given the proper notice, therefore was not voted upon. 

We need to decide if we will proceed with these changes. 

  Garry suggests we strike a small committee, after the AGM, to review the Bylaws and Constitution.  Any and all proposed changes will be brought to the membership at the 2015 AGM, for approval.


 Distribution of Duties:  in regards to Capitol Budget and Maintenance projects

Tennis court:  Gerry has secured Tomco (who have been working locally) for the cost of $9756 to do the resurfacing.  Additional improvements include the replacing of 13 posts.  Investigation has led to the decision to replace posts to a 4’ depth (below the frost line).  Paradise Landscaping will be doing the fence repair at a cost of $3508. 

Total cost of the tennis court repair:  $14,000 including taxes.  

Further recommendations include increasing the apron by 4’ and using a saw cut and/or an expansion to help prevent future damage. This will be further explored next year as phase 3.   Many of the companies contacted were not interested to doing this ‘small’ job.                        Action: Garry Gray and Gerry Power


Timer for Irrigation:  Last year Gerry purchased an outdoor cabinet to house the irrigation controls on the exterior of the pump house.   We will mount it this year, outside the pumphouse, with Ron’s approval.                        Action:  Gerry Power

Paddles:  Garry has arranged for us to ‘borrow’ paddles from the Rae’s, to replace those that were broken and missing at the end of last summer.  We will purchase paddles from a rental company, at the end of their season, in order to replace the paddles.                   Action:  Kevin Hughes

Shed:  Garry is organizing the installation of racks in the shed, over the summer, in order to get the kayaks and paddle boards off the floor during winter storage.  A shelf unit was purchased for these beach supplies.                                                                 Action:  Ted Wood, Kevin Hughes

Legacy Project:   We will generate a list of ideas for Memorial donations made to CPCA for future consideration.                                                                  Action:  Jim Bland

Shoreline Cleanup:  Jim Waddell will look after the refreshments.  Garry will look after organizing the equipment.   We need all the volunteers we gather for this work bee. 

Youth Initiative:  Mike was asked to organize a couple of activities for the summer.  Action:  Mike Lelek                                 

Night Security:   Garry will work with Bob Coy, to see if he is interested in sharing the security personnel again, in order to keep our costs down.   Night Hawk Security has been hired.  They will do specified weekend nights then ‘spot checks’ on random nights.  The schedule will be known only to the company and Garry Gray.                                                               Action:  Garry Gray

Day Security:  Norma Grace has 3 people lined up to do the work this year.  It is difficult to get someone to give up every weekend for the entire summer.  In order to be less predictable, it was decided to have a random start time between 10 am and noon.   We will still hire the day security person for the 6 hours/day.  Each will be asked to sign a contract. 

** We need a volunteer to take the role of liaison for this job.        

                                                                    Action:  Norma Grace


Road Repair at the entrance to the parking area/entrance to the community property. Discussion: Chris Rae is doing a paving project nearby and would let us tag onto his job, but the cost would be $3-4000.  It was suggested to request that when Ministry of Transportation are doing work within Columere, we work with them to repair this road.  Mike suggested using an alternative product that will pack down and be porous so water will drain or be repelled, perhaps shale.   Another idea was to make a gutter to direct water during rains.   More investigation is required.          Action:  Paul Roggeman, Gerry Power 

The Spring/Tennis Court drainage problem seems to have been solved with the replacement of the stand pipes.  Paul will continue to monitor and report on the situation.  We are NOT going to spend the allotted money needlessly.                                                  Action:  Paul Roggeman 

Beach Contract:  We had 2 tenders from within Columere.  Both were capable of doing the work.  The contract was awarded to the lower bidder.   Kelly, Colby, Tristan and Jordan Bracken were awarded the contract for $8000.   They have started the spring clean-up.

                                                      Action and Liaison:  Gerry Power, Paul Roggeman


Sand & Gravel:  The playground sand needs to be screened and the area redefined.

Action: Over the next 2 or 3 weeks Garry and Paul will talk to the Contractors about this.

Sprinkler/Irrigation system  Gerry Power and Don Neitzel will make the necessary repairs. 


Distribution of Duties (non budget)

Buoys and ‘toys’   will be put out by a team of volunteers                Action:  Ted Wood, Kevin Hughes,

Signs:  Norma Grace will continue to post signs at the gate and on the bulletin board when appropriate.  Ted Hart will advise for the Forest Fire risk signs. 

Fire level: Ted agreed to continue to monitor the fire threat again this summer.  He will arrange notices to be posted when needed.                                         Action:  Ted Hart  

Website Mike will preview the Webmaster’s proposed web changes.  He wants the website to be just for our community.                  Norma Grace will continue to provide updates until further notice.


Other Business:

Grant application- Norma Grace 

Given the recommendation of the ‘Columbia Basin Trust Developing & Funding Community Projects Workshop’ that Garry and I attended, it is suggested we draw up an overview of the community in regards to application criteria (a Grant Profile).  In this way when grant money is made available (some only have a 1 – 3 week window) we can easily apply for these funds.  Some examples of eligible grants:  community signage, occasionally infrastructure, environmental, (Red Zone protection), youth initiatives, website and community development.  Norma Grace and Bonnie will discuss this and if in agreement, we’ll compile the grant profile.  


 Fire Smart: report from Jim Waddell

The public land within Columere Park will be handled on a priority basis.  When time allows, these small areas will be handled by Forestry.  


Kite Surfing   Garry informed the board of a letter submitted by a group of community members who are interested in kite surfing. They have asked that the trees be removed from the marina area in order to use the area for this sport.  The area East of the marina would be preferable for a kite launch anchor.  The Windsurfing area is unacceptable due to the danger of the wind kite lines.  It was decided this is not the responsibility of the CPCA.  However, this growing sport is being enjoyed by members, therefore interested board members will continue to seek a safe solution.   Garry will send them a letter of response.                                                                                     Action:  Mike Lelek, Garry Gray


Calendar of Events

Shoreline Cleanup – July 5    10 am

AGM & pancake breakfast Aug. 10 @ Coy’s barn

               Pancake breakfast @9                       Annual General Meeting  at 10.                Action:  Jim Bland

Members’ Beach Barbecue – August 16                                                      Action:   Jim Waddell

New Years’ Eve Fireworks – New Years’ Eve 

Easter Egg Hunt – Easter Sunday   11 am

Non-sponsored events:  Barn Dance July 19,   Steel Wheels are playing.  The cost of the event is $35.       Bob is offering to give $5.00/ticket back to the community.  NG will make up the tickets for Bob.  We will get volunteers to help sell the tickets.

                                          Fun Run – ?  Sept. long   TBA

We are endeavouring to have the event’s level of service stay the same but bring costs down by augmenting them with funds raised by 50/50 and other avenues of revenue.



Columbia Lake Stewardship   Report:  Ted Hart

This group has been meeting to formalize their organization.  The lake monitoring has started.  They are asking each community to take a month to do the work.  This entails once per week taking lake water samples for water quality testing.           Action:  Garry Gray and Mike Lelek

On behalf of the group, Ted made a request for sponsorship, in order for the Columbia Lake Stewardship group to apply for a grant from RDEK, to be able to form a society.  The grant would be applied for through CPCA and administered through our financial records.   They are currently working on two Brochure projects. One on boating and the other about invasive weeds directly related to Columbia Lake.     Ted will talk to Bonnie (treasurer) before making a commitment.  He will report the result of that meeting to the Columbia Lake Stewardship group.  This item is deferred to the July meeting.                                                              Action:  Ted Hart


Letter to the Board:  Garry rec’d a letter from community member, Daniel Bakos, who revisited the idea of a tiered CPCA membership due.  Since this was addressed at the last meeting, Garry will respond to Mr. Bakos’s letter.


Next meeting:  July 13 @ 9:30 @ Lelek’s residence  for updates, reports and finalization of projects               

                         August 3 – in preparation to the AGM @ Wood ? residence

Garry adjourned the meeting @  12:19