May 28, 2014   To: Gray Garry                                       

Subject: Columere Park Security schedule change

Hi Garry,

As discussed over the phone earlier today, we have had to change the number of on-site guards to a minimum of two (weekends only) for the remainder of this Summer at all of our clients sites. The reason for this change is strictly for the safety of our staff members since we had two incidences over this past May long weekend where one of our members was physically assaulted and another threatened. Since this will affect the scheduling for Columere Park, I have attached a new schedule for your review. If you would like to continue services with these changes, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can assure we have the right amount of man power for July and August. Hopefully we can work this out and have another great Summer.

Dave Read

Valley Hawk Security

May 28, 2014   From Garry Gray to the Board of Directors, CPCA    proposal from VHS,

I would suggest that we hold on schedule or reduce some weekends or if the cost is a major concern go to long weekends and then every other weekend. The cost right now as proposed is $5,721.00 with Bob paying his $500.00.


May 30, 2014

Dear Board Members,

I have had feedback from most of you on the increase for Valley Hawk Security and the consensus is to maintain the schedule. For clarification the length of shift is not negotiable and it’s 6 hours minimum now for 2 people instead of 1. Our regularly scheduled start has always been July 1st albeit we might consider adding the May long for next year. The total for security including the day guard is $7,800.00 which is roughly $31.20 per household to protect the marina and beach areas and our privilege for the CP Rail Crossing.

Motion: To increase the CPCA budget from $4,400.00 to $5,711.00 to accommodate night security for VHS changes in policy for 2 guard shifts, increasing our overall annual budget by $1,514.00.

Discussion: Comments were submitted via e mails

Vote of Yes:                                                                              

Vote of No:

Please provide your vote of yes or no by Sunday June 1st, so I can complete our contract with Valley Hawk.  I will provide the voting results and action.

Note: For the Railway Crossing issue I will take the best of the best from this week’s letters you all provided and get it to the Board for approval tomorrow, so we can send it out post haste!

Thank you,  GWG


Good Morning all,    (June 1/14)

Thank you for the quick responses to the increase fees from Valley Hawk and your approval.Their were 8 votes of yes, 2 with no vote and one no.

Please be advised this motion has passed and I will advise Valley Hawk accordingly tomorrow.