Garry called the meeting to order with all members present.  (Garry Gray, Ted Wood, Kevin Hughes, Paul Roggeman, Jim Waddell, Ted Hart, Jim Bland, Mike Lelek, Norma Grace Scott, Gerry Power, Bonnie Semeschuk)

Garry asked for a vote of approval for the minutes of the May 4 meeting as sent and posted.  Carried

Treasurer’s Report– Bonnie gave a brief comparative report to the June month end.   The expenses are in line with the budget.  Some of the major items were not yet completed at the end of June.  Final cost for the tennis court of the approximately $15000


  • Bonnie will arrange for Carleen Hamdon to do a “Third party review of the financials”
  • Paid Members; as of Sat. July 12 we had 197 paid properties


  • Lawn Contract:  Paul & Gerry

The maintenance is going well with a few glitches.  The Bracken family is doing a good timely job. A few concerns for the community members using the Beach area:  *Gerry reminded the windsurfers to stand up their sails, because they are burning the grass.  *There are dog feces on the lawn.  Dog owners are reminded of the areas designated for dogs.   *EVERYONE is reminded to take their garbage when they leave the beach.


  • The paving is complete at the entrance of the community property.  When the pavers were in the park Garry arranged for them to do the work.  The cost was considerably less by doing it at this time.
  • Horseshoe and Bocce – Gerry  reported that the pits are ready to go – It was suggested promote the bocci, horseshoes and pickle ball.  It was suggested we implemented this with the Family Barbecue.
  • Youth night – Mike has withdrawn his offer to organize a youth event.
  • Legacy project – Jim Bland – nothing new to report
  • Shed shelves – Kevin & Ted, will put two rows of shelves to hold the kayaks in the shed. Garry picked up the materials and they are in the shed.
  • Fireproof file storage:  Through a group effort, we now have a secure filing system in place in the shed.  Judy Roggeman and Norma Grace plan to put the CPCA materials into a.s.a.p.
  • Sprinkler timer Box (Garry/Gerry) Ron Rutledge has a fibreglass box to put on the outside of the pump-house.  Garry and Gerry will move the irrigation panel to the outside.   The sprinklers are set to come on after the curfew.
  • Sandbox- Gerry reported that there is lots of sand. It was scraped into a pile.  It continues to be popular.  It was decided to leave it as is rather than rototill or frame.
  • Beach Cleanup- Garry reported a good turn-out to help.  Thanks to Jim for the refreshments.



Discussion Items

  • Reeds caused a problem for a dog and children.  Discussion: We were glad no one was seriously hurt.  But the bottom line is, parents need to be responsible for their children.   People should only cross the tracks at the legal crossings.
  • Kitesurfing issue from the May meeting was dealt with by Chris Rae
  • Coordinator and liaison of the daytime security.   Having a Day-time security guard continues to be very beneficial.  Garry suggested we increase the rate and the number of days (currently 18),  and augment the current guards with professionals.

Ted Wood moved we increase the budget for Day-time Security up to $1500, in order to increase the number of days, to include both weekend days and partial weekday guards.   Seconded by Jim Bland, Carried

Garry moved to increase the hourly rate to $20/hour.  Seconded by Gerry,  Carried

Action:  Norma Grace will continue as the liaison for the time being.

Action:  Garry will contact Valley Hawk to see if they have staff to do some of the day security.

*We will bring this issue to the AGM for discussion of ideas to securing our property.

  • Weed Control  around the tennis court and the Flower Garden.  We can legally have the weeds sprayed by a commercial company, OR have it added to the beach contract.  Action: Gerry
  • Website  – Norma Grace is finished working on the website.  Mike and Brian McIntosh will give a brief report on the website at the AGM.
  • The Anti-spam legislation will need to be addressed.   Bonnie will check on the legislation as it pertains to contact with community association members.                                Action: Bonnie
  • Insurance pricing:  Garry gave a quick review of the changes in liability, but noted that we need to look at the pricing of the contract with the company we use to other companies.

Action: Ted Hart

  • Charging for guests over a limit:  Garry for Egon Sillner  After discussion, it was determined this would be an impossible task to control, monitor and collect.  Further to that, many people are here only on weekends and have family and friends who come to visit.  Our membership dues entitle us to use the community property responsibly.
  • Community concerns: The Board of Directors continues to be accosted by people with ongoing, repeat complaints.  As a board we need to set a procedure, whereby these complaints can be dealt with at a meeting.  Mike will make a scope for this process.            Action:  Mike
  • A lengthy discussion of the roles of directors and volunteerism lent to the goal of decreasing the working hours of board members and increasing the use of volunteers.  Perhaps it will be necessary to increase the budgetary money for maintenance next year and pay for some services.
  • Status on Barn Dance ticket sales:  The sales by Bd. Members Garry and Ted W. are known but the other sales are unknown at this time.  Dixie requires numbers for the food.  CPCA will raise money to offset the cost of the CPCA social events, through the 50/50, raffle and/or silent auction.  Ted Wood, Bonnie, Kevin and Garry will work on these fund raisers.
  • Dog owners need to be responsible.  NO DOGS are allowed on the beach.

Update on Crossing Incident of May 16:  Garry reported:  Through social media and conversation, it has been determined that guests of three Columere Park families, were involved in this incident.  Garry has been working with the Raes, the RCMP and CP Rail to have these people held accountable.  It is our intention to prosecute anyone caught interfering with the trail.   CP Rail have, and will, pull crossing rights.  Garry will continue to meet and deal with the concerned parties.

Discussion on long term strategy for security ie: fence, change gate location, cameras etc. The idea here is to start some dialogue on how we could reduce our night security costs long term!

Some ideas were:

  • Programmed walking gate at the crossing areas.
  • Commercial spring loaded key gates
  • Ask CP for their input
  • Card for community members
  • Discuss at AGM


Columbia Lake Stewardship Society:  Ted Hart reported – Garry has been doing the Columbia Lake water monitoring for July.  June 2014 was compared with 2004.  The results show the lake remains the same.  Wendy Booth would like to see the communities around the lake support the Society.  The funds raised will be matched by the RDEK.  Ted Hart has been the liaison and will continue to work with them.

Ted Hart moved we donate $100 to the Columbia Lake Stewardship Society to show the support of the CPCA.  Seconded by Jim Waddell   Carried


AGM preparation:  Garry has a power point presentation organized.  Mike will help set this up.

  • Data base building has been a nightmare.  Garry would like to set up 3 tables for registration to get current email addresses, make any changes to addresses,  phone numbers and ownership .
  • This meeting is mostly discussion pieces.
  • CP Rail guest speaker?
  • Elections:  Ted Hart will run the election and Norma Grace will prepare the supplies
  • Candidates for Directors- Ted Wood has been talking to people with an interest in serving and encourages us all to do the same.
  • Jim Bland will organize the pancake breakfast
  • Gerry suggested we mega-phone an announcement of the AGM  (Ted Wood & Paul will assist)

AGM prep meeting August 8 (7-8 pm) for final organization at Norma Grace’s.

Other business:

Family Barbecue:  Jim Waddell has sent out his request for volunteers

Fire Prevention/Forestry  Fire Smart  If there is an interest, Jim Millar & Steve Levett will split the community into packets of lots and will do an assessment of the lots.  If we become a Fire Smart community the insurance companies may consider lowering rates.

Action: Jim will comment on this at the AGM


Meeting adjourned @12:20 by Garry Gray

Post meeting information coming from Garry Gray, President of CPCA  July 14/14

1.)    I met with CP Railway today with the following conclusion:

  • -They will be moving their track and timbers out by the toilet and along the tracks soon
  • -They will be bringing us 2 CP Rail Crossing signs in the next week or so
  • -They will be providing a CP Rail Police spokesperson for 15 minutes at the AGM

Domenic Fruncillo was very appreciative of our concerns and corrective action. He also saw our letter to the community, has assured me that we will work together for best solution.  He is aware of our security and long-term discussions for fencing etc.

**One miss is that we are to provide 50 foot right of way each side of the tracks. He said there is common sense for most of our items in conflict. However as a show of good faith we should probably remove the last 2 canoe racks which are dangerously close. He said it will only be an issue if someone complains, but we are clearly in noncompliance. The one canoe rack is within 8 feet off the track – not good.

2.) I discussed ramped up day security with Valley Hawk yesterday.   He is going to have some help for us partially on the wkd and /or partially during the week at he thinks 23.50 per hour.  When this is confirmed later this week, I will work with Norma Grace on this. Tom already caught some outside forces today and sent them packing.  I am now thinking that perhaps next year we formalize this as was suggested and turn it over to Valley Hawk.  We would only have to set their mandate and provide updated member pay lists.  For 3 or 4 dollars more than we already pay, they look after everything with a more professional outcome.

3.) I was asked by a Board Member to confirm the Marina lease with the Rae’s. I did that today at 1.18 and can confirm after reading the lease agreement that it was signed and issued March 1st 2014 to Columere Park Developments for 30 years and Chris Rae is the sole beneficiary and owner. His company is insured for 12 million a pre-requisite of CP Rail paid up and in good standing. The lease will be public domain in 60 days to 6 months.   I trust that is the end of any concerns here!


CPCA Board Meeting July 13th, 2014, Lelek residence at 9:30 am