President Garry Gray called the meeting to order, welcomed the members and guests and confirmed a quorum is in attendance.                                                                

Garry Gary introduced the Board of Directors:  Ted Wood, Ted Hart, Kevin Hughes, Jim Bland, Jim Waddell, Mike Lelek, Gerry Power, Paul Roggeman, Bonnie Semeschuck and Norma Grace Scott.

Minutes of the 2013 AGM were highlighted by Secretary Norma Grace Scott

NG moved the minutes be adopted as highlighted.  Seconded by Lynn Vernon  Carried

Members were reminded that the complete minutes of AGM as well as all of the minutes of Board meetings can be found on the website.

Garry updated the members on the progress made in the attempt to catch the group of youth who were on the Railway tracks in May.  Our corrective action has included a stern letter (sent to the community via email) of intent to prosecute culprits caught playing on the tracks; continuing discussions with Police and CP Rail; contact with the families of the guests who were on the tracks; a new sign as you enter Columere indicating Private Beach; and, 2 new CP Rail signs by the tracks.    ** This is a very serious issue with both the safety of our families, the beach and our property values all at stake, should we lose the right of crossing. We will never forgive ourselves if someone is killed.  This would change things forever.

 CP Rail representatives,  Domenico Fruncillo and Mark Tataryn attended the meeting to address concerns and answer questions.  Mark Tataryn is a CP Rail Police.  His message was that Criminal activity/trespassing (including walking on the track) is a serious offence.  Violators are warned and/or fined.  Young offenders can be charged with eye witness reports.  A licence plate number and eye witness reports are enough to prosecute these illegal acts. 

Common sense would remind us that people (or items) on the track cause unnecessary stress to the train as well as trauma to the engineers when unplanned stops are necessary.  Constable Tataryn explained the sensation the engineer undergoes when he encounters a close call.  He has no way of knowing what he will find when leaving the train.  He can’t tell if the person escaped, or if he will find a dead or mutilated body on the track.  Think about it!!

CPCA was complimented for their strong stand on the rail issue.  

Whistle blowing question – This is regulated by CP rules.  For our Private crossing they do not blow the horn unless required, (or social). 

Domenico Fruncillo, works for CP rail is in contact with Garry Gray in regards to crossing and rail issues.  

Garry informed us that in order to meet the CP rail regulations, the canoe racks were removed at the South end of the community property  as they were encroaching on CP rail property.

Cathy  Conroy – Addressed the members about aquatic invasive species with strong warnings about the consequences of having them introduced to Columbia Lake.

 Zebra mussels/ Eurasian milfoil are two species that are not currently in the Columbia Lake.  IF these get into the lake it would be devastating, as well as an incredible expense to remove.  They filter out vital plankton.   The Zebra Mussels live up to 50 years, will cover and clog motors, intake pipes and make beaches unusable.    Eurasian milfoil spreads vegetatively.

 To prevent: Drain and clean every part of your boat on dry land.  Let dry for 5 days before putting it into the water. She stressed the importance of monitoring your own equipment.  For more information: Cathy  Conroy    Aquatic Invasive Species  Email:

2013-14 Financials-Bonnie


Member dues invoiced:  $50,800.00

Uncollected membership dues $4000 written off as per Board approval

Interest on GIC $336

Keys $365.—plus Donation of $25

For a total revenue of $47,525

87% paid membership


Total expenses for the year were $30,754

Community BBQ- ($1617.91 less $350 raised at the event for a total of) $1,268

Beach Maintenance and Supplies $7,657

Community Events (Easter Egg Hunt, AGM pancake breakfast & Fireworks) $892

Insurance – $7383.57

Bank charges (two signature cheques) $150

Repairs to irrigation, fencing and parking -$1600

Security -$4,260

Resulted in Excess of Revenue over Expenses for the year:  $14,772.00

Our Cash Flow is as follows

Cash on hand at beginning of the year – $23,534

Plus surplus net depreciation- $21,729

Less Capital Assets – ($7,350

Less increase in A/R – ($2,875)

Equals $34,041 cash at year end (April 30)

Summary:  Our community has a

Net Depreciated Capital Asset of $10,540

                          plus cash on hand, $34,041

   equals a total member equity of $44,581

(equity per balance sheet of $51,809 less assets of uncollectable dues $7000).

Bonnie moved  the adoption of her report.  Seconded by Bruce Littke.   Approved. 

Bonnie also reported:

  • Carleen Hamden has reviewed the financials as a third party check on CPCA books.  
  • E-transfers will be set up for next year. 
  • We will continue to send invoices via email.
  •  The addition of address of drop box will be included.

 Current Year’s Budget- Bonnie Semeschuk

        can be viewed on slide 14 for the AGM power point presentation on the website.

 2013 Project Reports

Jim Bland-  Beach restoration/reclamation was completed last fall.  Board and community members Garry Gray, Gerry Power, Paul Roggeman, Barry Cerney, Chris Rae and Jim Bland volunteered their time and brawn to do this job.  Chris hauled the supplies and supplied the equipment for the job at cost. Don Neigel was hired to run some of the equipment for the project.  The Beach wall has large rocks, that are not visible,  bedded into the base.  This is expected to secure the wall from erosion.  The seeded grass has grown in nicely this summer.  (Report, complete with photos can be seen on the website.)

Paul Roggeman reported the ongoing tennis court drainage concern.  The curb stop was repaired, water lines were changed, the spring continues to be monitored.  The $6000 that was tagged for this repair is being held until it is determined if this project is necessary.

 2014 Projects underway – Garry Gray

 We have significant work completed, mostly due to feedback from the community attained through the survey.

Tennis Court Fencing Repair –Completed

Tennis Court Re-Surfacing –Completed

Parking Lot Entrance Paving –Completed

Fireproof File Cabinet for historical records-Completed

Cabinet Floor Stiffening-not yet completed

Kayak Racks –not yet completed

Paul Roggeman reported the lawn maintenance contract was awarded to Kelly Bracken and his family were.  They are complimented on the job they are doing. 

Website –  Mike Lelek – This is, and will continue to be, the main form of communication.  We want to keep management to a minimum.

Survey Summary – Mike Lelek

  28% of the household responded.  The survey is posted on the website.   It was felt the survey gave a good representation from the community for the direction the board should take. 

 General Reports:

Administration updates and changes report by Garry Gray

–          Dual Signature Cheques

–          Updated Simply accounting system which now is reconciled to the bank

–          Invoicing/newsletter sent via email (fewer mail outs -saving $1500.00)

–          Website is no longer pass-worded. 

–          Minutes posted within 2 weeks of approval

–          Registered Constitution only (over the years changes had been made but never registered) IF and when there are changes made they will be done legally with BC Registry.  All others should be destroyed.

–          Build-up of member emails for communication

–          Third party member review of  Accounting

–          Social events are being paid by fundraising (50/50, raffle, donations) rather than dues

–          President’s email letters to update community members

AGM changes-GWG

The board decided to have the AGM later in the year to better serve the needs of the community.  It was believed this would enable new members coming onto the board to have the opportunity to become acquainted with the ongoing projects and be mentored prior to the busy demands of spring.

The year end is treated as April 30.  This made the year end information difficult to get completed by May long weekend.  We realize this caused some confusion.  We are in transition and ask that you let us try and see how this works over the next few years.

Quote: All change is not progress, but all progress requires change!

** treated as- The year end was changed from Aug. 31 to April 30 over time but the constitution and bylaws were never legally changed.  This will be addressed along with other changes in accordance with the Society Act.

Security NG /GWG 

(Norma Grace Scott’s report:)    The board appointed me to hire a person or persons to do day time security for 18 weekend days for the summer of 2014.  If the weather was adverse on a weekend, it was agreed he would do a mid-week day in lieu.  The guard was to serve 6 hour days for payment of $100/day.  This year Tom Davis was hired for the job starting on June 28.   People were told of unpaid dues the first twice they came to the beach, then were turned away until the membership was paid.   When it came to our attention people from outside the community were coming during the week because they had become aware of the guarding circumstances, Tom was asked to do one weekend day and two split shifts during the week.  In compensation for tying up extra days, it was agreed, ‘a day’ would be only 5 hours or $20/hour. 

At the July 13 Board of Directors’ meeting, it was decided to increase our day security and augment the current guards with professionals.  Valley Hawk was contacted and hired to do two days per week in addition to the original contract.  Their minimum day is 6 hours and the cost it $23.50/hours for a total of $1128 for 8 days.  We now have a total of $2928 investing in daytime security.

Night Security:  Garry Gray

Valley Hawk has been hired to provide Columere Park with 20 random nights of security.  Bob Coy has joined with us again this summer, in order to reduce costs and supply security to both places.

Dogs on the Beach-Paul Roggeman

Yearly, numerous complaints have been reporting dogs on the beach.  If you see dogs on the beach, please ask their owners to remove their dogs and remind them of the appropriate doggie areas.  Paul reviewed the 2 areas where dogs can swim. (North of the marina, South of the windsurfing area). A better access to the doggie swim areas in planned for next year.  The security guard is now patrolling the beach area. 

Columere ‘Toys’ report -Ted Wood

The small capital cost of the kayaks and paddle boards have been worth the expense as they have proved to be very popular.  There has been minimal damage to these popular ‘toys’.  The biggest problem is that they are not being returned to the racks.  When finished using, please put the kayaks and boards back on the racks and lock them.   Ted demonstrated how these security locks work.  Since they are a key release lock, in order to take your keys, the lock must be closed/locked before the key can be removed.  So, PLEASE have all of your family put the kayaks and paddle board back on the rack and lock them immediately after use.  These locks cost $180, so we really need to make sure they are doing their job and not wandering off.  This key can be used to open the tennis court and other locks on the Columere ‘toys’.

Pickle ball – is now available on the tennis court.  You will need to supply your own equipment.   Enjoy!! 

Tether Ball – has been replaced 3 times this year.  It will not be replaced again this year. 

Horseshoe pits can be found on the pond side of the flower beds.  The horseshoes are in a locked box on the rail fence.  Your Columere key will open this.   

Bocci Ball can be played on the grass between the parking lot and the tracks.  Equipment is in the locked box on the parking lot rail.

Canoe racks had to be moved in order to comply with the CP rail right-of-way.  Some locks needed to be cut in order to gain access to the racks.  Remember these racks are not storage spots.  If you are not using your water craft, please take it to your property. 

Jim Waddell spoke briefly on the Fire Smart program being introduced in BC.  Communities are divided into groups of about 50 homes.  These pockets would work together to clear fire fuels.  If there is interest in Columere becoming a Fire Smart Community, Jim will pursue it.    A volunteer list was passed to see if community members who would like participate.

Family Barbecue is next Sat. Aug. 16.   Jim invited volunteers to come and help set up at 10 am.  The barbecue will start about 3.  There will be a bouncy house set up for the kids.   If you can help, please sign the volunteer sheet on the registration table. 

Columbia Lake Conservation Society  Ted Hart has been the liaison person with this group over the past year. 

“The group Mission-   Act as a citizen-based, water stewardship group for Columbia Lake.

Implement activities which monitor and help maintain the ecological health of Columbia Lake.

Communicate and network with others, as required, to achieve the above.”

They have become a stewardship society.  CPCA donated $100 to help get them started.  Water quality testing started in May.  Garry Gray did the testing for July.  The tests to date have shown very little change from 10 years ago.  A brochure, Boating on Columbia Lake and a depth map are available from the CLCS. 

Gerry Power has organized a group septic pump-out date of Oct. 21 with Dehart.    This will give you a $60 savings.  If you wish to be included in the group, contact Deb at 250 347-9803 or  with your request.

 Directorship Model-Garry Gray

 We have 12 seats on the Board of Directors.  Each is a volunteer.  Our Board model is to provide governance on behalf of our wonderful community and all that entails.  We are finding that over time board members are also the primary volunteers for construction and maintenance.  This has ultimately contributing to reduced costs for community, but often, burn out for the board members.

 We will probably be shifting to a formalized system in the near future, whereby each Director has a role more as a coordinator with specific duties, reporting back to the Board, but increasingly utilizing member volunteers.

Over the next year we will be implementing a formalized system of approach for suggestions and complaints, rather than direct contact with the President or Board Members.  Please remember we are volunteers.  We come here to relax too.

 We may also start seeing increased costs for maintenance items, such as sprinkler/irrigation repair and other maintenance of beach property, damage, etc.  As it becomes more difficult to find people to volunteer, maintenance costs will need to be paid to a professional. 

We can have up to 12 Directors on our Board. “I believe that we all must contribute at some time. We have several families that don’t pay, complain constantly and don’t attend the AGM. I would suggest, that if you are not involved and properly informed you have become part of the problem!   Please consider a Board role or volunteering in the future!  Many hands make light work and we need your help.” Quoting Garry Gray

Closing Comments  – Garry Gray

Private Beach costs breakdown –  Insurance, Maintenance Contract, Security, etc.  To keep our beach private, we need to hire security to keep the general public off of our property.   The Security can be broken down to $32.00 per household to pay the $8,000 it costs.   We will continue to investigate longer term solutions such as gates, fencing, camera, etc. to cut down on costs in the long term.

Break-ins and vandalism – Garry offered some practical solutions, such as locking garage doors, putting personal items away when you aren’t here, lock & remove keys from vehicles, much the same as when you leave to come to the lake.  Report attempted break-ins and vandalism to the RCMP.

 ***We now have a TOTAL FIRE BAN    To keep informed, use the website: 

Take responsibility to keep current on the status of fire bans.  

 Thanks to the volunteers who help keep our community spirit alive and costs down.   Chris Rae was singled out as an extraordinary community member.

“In closing I want to thank all the community and this Board for the support this last year as we worked towards better governance and transparency for the continued success of CPCA and our community.”GWG


Question and Answer-Garry Gray

  1. Dianne Sawatzky recommended we post the name of members who have paid, in hopes of encouraging unpaid members to pay.  Garry said the board would discuss this again.
  2. It was suggested the beach be a Non-smoking area.  Although this would be ideal, there is no BC law against smoking outside.  Therefore, it would be difficult to enforce.  Hopefully smokers will be respectful of those around them.
  3. We would like to have a permanent solution to security ………… and keeping non-members off of the private property…………… rather than continue to spend our money hiring guards. 
  4. Question as to what can be done with people who don’t have culverts in their driveways.  Culverts are the property owner’s responsibility.  (for your information:  However, if there is inadequate drainage, the Minister of Transportation can legally clear the offending area leaving you without a driveway.)
  5. Garth Atkinson thanked the CPCA board for all they do for our community.  He had some questions about the highway/roads:  Norma Grace responded to this, having been in contact with the Ministry regarding signs and road work.  The Ministry of Transportation did not pave the exit/entrance to the highway from the old lake road but, it is scheduled to be redone this summer.  It is on the agenda!  Road signs within the park are also on the request list.  Contact info for the Ministry of Transportation is on the website.


Garry reminded people that only one member of each paid property can vote. 

**AND, To have a place on the board you must be on title of the property.

Elections-Ted Hart ran the election of directors and President

Resident Directors Norma Grace Scott, Gerry Power and Ted Hart terms are up and none will be running for re-election.  Non-resident directors Ted Wood, Jim Bland and Garry Gray terms are up and only Garry will seek re-election.

The following community members have offered to accept a position on the board:

Carleen  Hamden, Glen Baumback, Bruce Littke, Val Bracken, Brett Lomore, Garry Gray.   

Ted called for nominations from the floor.  With no nominations, Ted Hart moved nominations cease.  Seconded by Paul Roggeman.   Carried.

Ted moved the slate of officers be accepted and introduced the new board members to the meeting.

Election of President:  A call for nominations for president gave no volunteers, no nominations.  The Board of Directors will decide on the Presidency at their first meeting. 

Garry called for a 15 Minute Directors Meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:15.  Moved by Garry, Seconded by Ted Hart

Columere Park Community Association  AGM, Aug. 10, 2014