CPCA Board Meeting November 16th, 9:30 a.m.,  Hughes Residence

Members Present; Glenn Baumback, Valerie Bracken, Garry Gray, Carleen Hamdon, Kevin Hughes, Brett Lamore, Paul Roggeman, Jim Waddell

Members Absent; Bonnie Semeschuk, Bruce Littke, Mike Lelek

Garry called meeting to order

Approval of August 31st meeting minutes; Paul requested these minutes be changed to include himself as well as Kevin as Beach Co-coordinator.  Garry motioned to approve minutes reflecting this change, Val seconded, carried.

Wendy Booth Presentation on Dues/Tax Assessments to homeowners; Wendy explained the process required to enable the Region to collect our CPCA Dues with property taxes.  There are two options, to collect as a flat rate, or based on assessed value.  RDEK has to ask permission of the property owners in 1 of 3 ways; 1) a referendum which would include B.C. residents only, 2) petition though mail to property owners on title, the members would state whether they agree or not and sign it, this option includes out of province home owners, but is passive in that if it is not returned it counts as a negative vote, and 3) At the AGM through a general discussion followed by members registering a vote if they are in favor or against, 51% of the community residents on title must be in favor for it to pass.  If it is passed, residents would have no choice whether they want to pay community dues, they would automatically be collected with their property taxes.

The board would be required to stipulate a ceiling on the amount collected, and collect any amount up to that ceiling, (ie. $250).

The government would charge a small administration fee for this service (less than 5%), and funds collected would not be dispersed until sometime in August.

If the board chooses to pursue, next course of action would be to send a letter to the RDEK attention; Wendy Booth, stating that this is something our community would be interested in pursuing and could it be referred to strategic priorities.  This letter can be written early in the process, even before a consensus of the community is achieved, in order to be put on the list of priorities. Following this, the RDEK will determine if it fits into their work plan (at either the April 2015 meeting or the January 2016 meeting).  It is a slow process, best case scenario would be 2016 tax collection.

Treasurer’s Report; Carleen did a very quick review of the profit and loss statement, and Bonnie will review the entire financials at the February meeting.

Website Posting for constitution and Minutes; Carleen reported that Cathy McIntosh informed her they were having difficulty posting the constitution on the website due to the size of file, but Brian was intending to work on it when he had time.  Val agreed to discuss the issue with Cathy and see if she can help.

Insurance report from Ted Hart; GWG relayed Ted’s findings regarding competitive pricing for the liability insurance on the beach.  Lambert insurance informed Ted that due to the existence of private waterworks on the beach, our current company is the only one willing to insure us.  A discussion ensued as to whether we are overlapping on insurance with Ron, as he should be insuring for liability on his waterworks.  Paul offered to take a look at this issue and discuss with Ron, and review pricing.  Garry agreed to get the policies to Paul.

Lori Watt; Val read Lori’s excellent letter appealing to the board to become a member, Val put a motion forward to appoint Lori to the board until the AGM, seconded by Glen, carried.  Garry agreed to inform Lori of her appointment.

Chamber of Commerce; Val reviewed our website and suggested adding a drop down menu for CPCA events and Chamber of Commerce Events.  She volunteered to be responsible for updating the CPCA calendar on our website, the Chamber of commerce events would be linked to that website and automatically updated.  All agreed this would be a great addition to our website!

Formalized complaint response; Rescheduled to next meeting

Projects outstanding;

Waterproof panel over timer on pump house; Garry reported that Ron has the panel and will do this next spring.  The cost will come in less than budgeted amount of $750, and any designated person will be able to access it.

New Paddles for Kayaks and Paddle boards; Garry reported that the Rae’s leant the community some paddles this year but we need to purchase some for next year, $60- $120/paddle seems to be the cost, Glen offered to do some price checking in Calgary.

Outhouse pump-outs;  a request has been made to have them pumped, Paul reported that there is no risk of tanks freezing, and they should be pumped out soon.


Dog Policy review; Paul received a letter requesting a review of our dog policy on the beach, the community member questioned the firm stance on the rules.  The board discussed the reasons behind this policy, the need for simplicity and clarity of the rule in order to be properly enforced and to keep all members in the community happy.  It was agreed by all to leave the policy as is.

Frequency of community Presidents letter and mass emails;  Garry asked Val to review the antispam legislation regarding mass emails, Val suggested having an antispam legislation form signed by members at the next AGM meeting.  Board discussed and decided a spring and fall mass email newsletter would be most beneficial.  Carleen agreed to discuss with Norma Grace previous problems sending Mass emails.  Val agreed to help Carleen sending  the mass emails in 2015.

Fireworks; A budget of $500 has already been agreed upon. Kevin will determine if Royal Burritz is willing to set off the fireworks at New Years.  A discussion ensued as to the liability and safety of continuing this tradition, it was determined that because it has been such a longstanding tradition, and would be greatly missed by the community that the board would continue to sanction it as a community event, but it might be beneficial to have some fire department presence.  Val offered to ask Keith and Andrew if they would be willing to help out.  The Board also agreed to discuss the Fireworks policy at the AGM.

Easter Egg Hunt; Carleen agreed to ask Norma Grace if she is interested in putting on the Easter egg hunt for 2015.  If so, the budget will be discussed at the next meeting.

Security; Garry reviewed the security costs of 2014, and suggested that given the number of non residents attempting to use the beach, and the night time abuse of rules governing use of the beach, the costs going forward could be as great as $10,000.  Kevin researched the cost of a fence from the pond to the opposite end of the beach.  Kevin produced a sketch of the proposed 8 foot fence with two 4′ gates using the same key as the tennis courts and Kayaks, and two quotes, one for $17,000, another for approximately $18,500.  This fence would eliminate the need for security during the day, and also potentially at night.  Garry suggested The CPCA would have no problem funding this project, especially given the fact the payback time would be possibly less than two years. Action required: approve in budget, table at AGM.

Defibrillator; Board discussed merits and difficulties of maintaining a defibrillator at the beach, some suggestions were offered by Brett on how to achieve this. Board agreed not to pursue at this time given that there is a first response unit in Fairmont, and the vulnerability to vandalism of keeping an expensive unit on the Beach.  Jim offered to discuss the merits of installing a defibrillator down at the beach with Brian at the fire department.

Potential Projects for 2015/2016

Dog area Stairs; Current access to the Dog area on the beach is slippery and dangerous.  Kevin agreed to look into how to approach this and the cost.

Beach Sprinkler system; Kevin reported that upkeep and maintenance of system for 2015 will be approximately $1000.

Beach Front Fence; $20,000

Bear sign; Val produced a really great looking bear sign for the entrance to the park, Lori said we may already have a sandwich board to hold the sign, board will attempt to find, or will need to purchase a new one for $175.

Playground; Glen researched companies and costs of putting up a new playground with Blue Imp out of Lethbridge.  They offer playgrounds from $3000 and up.  40% is added on for construction, but you can reduce this through hiring a supervisor through Blue Imp, and using a volunteer construction team from the park.  Glen estimated a suitable playground to replace the existing one would cost approximately $20,000, and take 6-8 weeks from ordering.  The board discussed the possibility of starting a legacy or memorial fund to fund this project.  Garry suggested a survey of residents/members to determine if there is a preference to raise funds through a legacy fund for the playground.  This item is intended to be included in the Spring Newsletter.


Last minute Items for discussion;

Kevin put forth the possibility of not including alcohol at the annual BBQ, through discussion it was decided that tradition should prevail, serving beer and coolers to the adults makes it more of a party atmosphere and many members appreciate that the community provides this.

Propane tanks in shed; Garry said he noticed some propane tanks being stored in shed, Kevin reported that they are the Rae’s, Garry said he would talk to them to have them removed as we don’t want anything flammable being stored in the shed.

Next Meeting;  Sunday February 15, 2015 at 9:30 at Glen’s; 4581 Purcell Drive

Meeting adjourned at 12pm.