GOOD MORNING Columere Park Neighbours!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far, and looking forward to spending some time at the lake! Please allow me to take this opportunity to let you all know, what your CPCA Board has been up to. So, grab a coffee, relax, ease into your morning, and let’s start with a few notes on our most recent and upcoming events in the park!

FireSmart was a huge success. Under Jim Waddell’s most excellent leadership, we rallied as a community, and got the job done. Thanks to a few of your fellow residents, we collected almost 50 cubic yards of debris in a couple of hours this morning. This is larger than the dumpster at the transfer station in Fairmont. The following individuals really rolled up their sleeves and made this pick-up day a success: Emma, Wendy and Tim St. Louis, Bev and Ken Buckley, Frank Carr, Glenn Baumback, & Dave Rae. And a special thank you to Jim Waddell, for organizing and truly taking charge on this very important innitiative. As a reminder, the dumpster will remain in the beach parking lot until July 2nd for your FireSmart contributions.

Upcoming Community Events Listed Below:

Columere Park Beach Clean UpSaturday, June 30th 2018 10:00AM

Beach clean-up is this coming Saturday.  It should be a fairly quick job this year, as the high water has washed the reeds onto the lawn.  We will also have some playground sand delivered so we can spiff up the playground area at the same time. Please bring your rakes, shovels and gloves. There will be a couple of quads or side-by-sides at the beach, as well as flat-deck trailers, and there just might be some refreshments for when we’re done.  Thanks for organizing Bruce Littke & Kevin Hughes!

Columere Park Canada Day Fireworks – Sunday, July 1st 2018 10:30PM

Omar Hajar, Kevin Redshaw & their Columere Fire Crackin’ Crew are ready to put on another great show for you! Rain or shine, we will be lighting up the skies over Columbia Lake. Please head down to the Marina Parking Lot and join us for this Wonderful Community Event! Fingers crossed for great weather !

Coy’s Par 3 Golf “Barn Dance” – Saturday, July 21st, 2018 Cocktails at 5:30PM Dinner 6:30PM

Put on your boots, grab your hat, and join us for a BOOT SCOOTIN’ NIGHT !!! Bob and Dixie always make this event delicious and fun! Dance to Live Music by “Steel Wheels”. Tickets will be $35.00/Each & will be available at Coy’s Clubhouse or Call (250) 345-6504 to reserve your tickets NOW!

Columere Park Annual Beach BBQ – Saturday August 18th, 2018

SAVE THE DATE, and stay tuned for details from Jim Waddell! This annual event is always a great time!

Columere Park New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Monday, December 31st, 2018 7:00PM

Whether you will be spending your holidays at the lake this winter, or live there year round, please join us for the Columere Park New Year’s Eve Fireworks. Mark your calendars! It is NYE after all!

That about covers our events, everyone still here?

Your newly formed CPCA Board has been very busy working for you, over the last few weeks. And we are pleased to do so! We met as a Board for the first time this past Saturday June 23rd, 2018.   We are collectively generating ideas, prioritizing projects, setting goals, and working collaboratively on our execution plan, over the next few months.

In addition to the day to day tasks we have been busy with, we have already initiated and deployed several “Director Run” Sub-Committees within our CPCA Board, in order to maintain a high level of organizational structure and accountability, throughout our terms. This will ensure that the CPCA has a solid succession plan as Directors serve their terms and move on, or remain on the CPCA Board. But most importantly this arrangement allows you, our CPCA Members, to know exactly which Directors to contact if you have any concerns, ideas, positive feedback, or would like to join said Committee as a Volunteer. We present them to you as follows:

Beach Security Standing Committee – Brian Dittmer & Kyle Boon This has been an ongoing hot topic listed on almost every agenda with no real resolution to date. 
Research has been completed historically, so Kyle and Brian will be working with the Rae’s to present you with some very sensible options to potentially vote on at our 2019 AGM. We look forward to seeing what they come up with!

Playground Border Addition Special Committee – Angela Galipeault & Kyle Boon The beach playground structure was completed last summer. A playground border and beach benches will be added to the perimeter with “previously fundraised money”. We are currently gathering quotes and Kyle and I hope to commence this work in the fall of 2018.

Bylaw Standing Committee – Sean Jeffers, Kyle Boon & John Willson Sean, Kyle & John will be working closely with Ken Joyce to review and amend our current bylaw agreement. The Bylaw changes, if any, will be presented by the Bylaw Committee to all CPCA Members at the 2019 AGM for vote, and then, if approved, be registered. Given this very strong team of individuals volunteering their time for this update, I feel this is a great year to get this accomplished.

Beach Maintenance Standing Committee – Sean Jeffers & Kevin Hughes 
Sean & Kevin will work with Marvin and several volunteers to keep your Beach, and Lil’s Garden, looking super spiffy. They will review our maintenance contract annually, which includes hiring out the lawn cutting, fertilizer, garbage removal, recycling, and soil additions etc. Kevin will also be putting the yellow floating swim docks out for you this summer. PARENTS: Please remind your children that there is “NO DIVING” off the docks!

Windsport & Kayak Standing Committee – Bruce Littke & Kevin Hughes In addition to ripping around on gnarly waves, Kevin and Bruce will be in charge of making sure our kayaks, paddleboards, and paddles are in great shape. You can help them by reminding your children and guests to always put them back on the racks, and be extra gentle with the paddles. This is such a great community perk!

Land Lease Agreements & Government Liaisons Standing Committee – Brad Campbell & Bev Buckley Brad and Bev have already been working together on reviewing any land lease agreements where we lease common lands in our community. They will also be our liaisons when dealing directly with groups such as the RDEK, Front Counter, and the Columbia Lake Stewardship. Thanks Brad and Bev!

Columere Park Annual Beach BBQ Standing Committee – Jim Waddell Jim and a very dedicated team of volunteers have handled this fabulous event, for as long as I can remember, and we are lucky to have them. Jim will continue to plan, organize, advertise, and solicit volunteers for the BBQ. Let’s help him out where ever we can!

Columere Park FIRESMART Special Committee – Jim Waddell This initiative was put forward by Jim in an attempt to make Columere Park less vulnerable to fire. 
Our first boulevard pick up was a success! Stay tuned for more on FIRESMART from Jim directly, as we continue to make Columere Park Fire Safe!

Beach Clean Up Standing Committee – Bruce Littke & Kevin Hughes Bruce & Kevin will be responsible for monitoring the beach conditions and choosing an appropriate clean up date each year. Kevin will hold a shed key in order to access the required tarps and ropes to complete the work, and he will Co-Ordinate with the ATV and Trailer Volunteers!

New Years Eve & Canada Day Fireworks Standing Committee – Angela Galipeault We are lucky to already have such a great group of volunteers in place for these events. Omar Hajar and Kevin Redshaw will run these two Fireworks Shows. Thanks so much for your efforts Omar, Kevin & Crew.

Marketing & Communications Standing Committee – Val Bracken & Angela Galipeault Val and I will handle Columere Park general and event announcements to OUR COMMUNITY! 
Our mission is to keep all our wonderful Members INFORMED by means of group emails, our Website, Facebook, and the Community Board down at the Beach! Val will also hold Tennis Court Keys, if you need one, please contact Val. We will also manage general administration, and digital document organization and storage, so we have everything in the “COLUMERE CLOUD” for the unforeseeable future.

At this point I would like to add, that although the Treasurer & Secretary Director Positions are not considered sub-committees, they are vital roles within the CPCA Board and deserve to be acknowledged. Lynn Vernon, as Treasurer, has recently had our accounting system converted from Simply Accounting to QuickBooks, and has already lost her Florida Glow as she has been working so hard getting all those much-appreciated Member Dues into the Bank, amongst MANY other tasks! And Bev Buckley has been consumed with meeting minute madness and drafting letter after letter to get our signing authorities and BC Societies Act updated as required. These ladies are hustling! So THANK YOU!

So……That about covers the sub-committees.

Any other “new” major projects over $5000, within these sub-committees will be presented to the Membership at the 2018 AGM for input and vote. Anything under $5000 will be at the Boards Discretion. What projects you ask? Here is a sampler of some of the ideas we have been brainstorming:

In addition to the Playground Border… Renovating Lil’s Garden, Adding a Fishing Dock for the Kids North of the Marina Inlet, Adding a second Basketball Net to the Basketball Court, Planting Additional Large Trees and Shrubs at the Beach, Updating the FirePit Area by the Pond, Removing the old Gazebo and Building a covered “Beach Cook House” with BBQ’s, adding colourful and communal Adirondack Chairs, Placing a Toy Box by the Playground for the Toys, to name a few. The larger scale projects will be presented to you at the AGM.

We will not be having any guest speakers at the 2019 AGM as we want to keep our focus on “All Things Columere Park”, and present our progress to the Membership. Community Dues will not be raised at this time, we can discuss in the future if required.

So there you have it, that’s what we are up too! Our next meeting will be towards the end of September. And until then, we hope to enjoy a little slice of summer ourselves!

As Board of Directors, we want to inspire, motivate & empower all Columere Park Residents to help us move forward with our ideas and projects, and to volunteer as much as possible. We look forward to seeing you at all of our upcoming community events. Oh and um…Please don’t forget to pay your dues!

Warmest Regards,

Angela Galipeault, President

On Behalf of the CPCA Board.