Fire Prevention on Crown Land

Jim Waddell continues to monitor this with no changes to report.  May 15,2014. 

Steve Levitt (from the Dept of Forestry), Ted Hart and Jim Waddell met on Nov. 26 to look at the Crown Land in Columere and what can be done re: forest fuel management. Basically, the procedure for provincial assistance is for a recommendation and “prescription” for forest fuel clearing goes to Victoria, and if approved, to be put into the cue with other areas that are slated for clearing.  Because of limited budgeting, actual work could take time before implementation (perhaps up to 2 years).  Steve had a good look at the areas and took some photos for the record.  He classified them as “small” plots, which could put us farther ahead of some other larger areas, depending on the availability of funds, crews, etc.  He will take our request to Victoria and set the wheels of government in motion.  In the meantime, here is a web-site that he sent me for everyone’s general information.  It basically compliments the info we got from Jim Miller (Windermere Fire Chief) at last Spring’s AGM.

Steve also provided us with an information manual on how to “FireSmart” individual homes and communities and suggested that this become a community initiative.

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CLSS has a dedicated team of 7 directors including concerned citizens, local business owners, individuals from geology, meteorology, engineering and nursing professions. They are both permanent and part time residents. All have a keen sense of lake pride and cherish Columbia Lake and its environs.  Visit their site to learn more


It is important to be an informed resident of Electoral District F.   The RDEK website provides a wealth of information on our area.

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Our Area F Director is Wendy Booth. She can be reached at 250-345-6155, or You can also check on her website: When writing a letter to RDEK or other government agency, if you send Wendy a copy, she is better able to represent our wishes.


Some things you should know as a rural landowner in the Regional District of East Kootenay.


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“Wildsight works locally, regionally and globally to protect biodiversity and encourage sustainable communities in Canada’s Columbia and Southern Rocky Mountain Region.  This area is internationally recognized as a keystone to conservation in Western North America.  Wildsight received the 2005 Canadian Environmental Award for Conservation in recognition of its successful work to protect the region’s wildlife and wild life values.”

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The Conservation Officer Services encourages the public to Report all Poachers and Polluters (RAPP)

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“Bear Aware™ is an educational program designed to prevent and reduce conflicts between people and bears in our communities.
While most of us enjoy beautiful BC’s wildlife, we don’t want bears in our backyards! Both people and bears would be better off if there were fewer bears in our towns. Because bears are simply animals seeking whatever food they can find, the onus is on us to prevent conflicts. If we all took more responsibility for our garbage, tree fruit and kitchen compost the bear “problem” would largely disappear, as it has in many jurisdictions.”

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